Thursday, 7 August 2014

make your USB pendrive bootable / make ISO from cd / dvd

This post is for all OS setup in iso form,doesn't matter whether its WINDOWS 7,WINDOWS 8,XP,UBUNTU,MINT,FEDORA, or any other linux.The procedure is same for all.
Before reading this post ensure ensure your are having Windows or Linux setup in ISO form on your computer.If your Windows or Linux setup is on DVD / CD click here to go to the section on this blog that will guide you to make ISO file from DVD /CD.


There are number of ways to make a bootable USB .Some use DOS codes while some use software.

I have used DOS method earlier,it doesn't work every time and also takes long time(specially the formatting part )

And with software,problem is finding the right one.Internet is pelted with freewares,finding the right one  is like finding a needle in hay stack .Even if u sort out some software,either they will ask for registration(for its complete functionality),or will be for 15 days trial. sick!

 From my experience,ULTRAISO is the best freeware available.I hadn't dwelt to any other software or methodology to make a bootable device.It's multi-functional and can also be used as mounting,creating disc image etc.I will explain mounting disc and its advantage in other post(stay tuned).

Download this software & install it,in its free version it has limited functionality but enough to serve our purpose. Before making bootable USB ensure you are having your file(that you are going to write on your USB) in ISO format

Following are steps to make bootable USB

1> install the software and launch it,if possible run this software as administrator,a welcome screen will  appear.

2> click on "continue to try",a window will pop up.

 3>  Go to file>open and browse your ISO file (windows,linux etc). Open it,on ultraiso  windows you will see lot of info regarding the ISO file.

4> Then go to bootable > write disk image option

5> A new window will pop up as shown below

 6> Insert you USB stick and on "disk drive" option select your USB drive mine is J: and tick the verify box.dont change anything elese.

 7> Click format and prior to that backup any important data on quick format

8> Close the format window.and click write on the previous will ask your permission,click yes.

you will see a window like this,it means the ISO file is getting written on USB

9> Once the process has finished close the box,close the ultraiso and your job is done.safely eject the USB.

go to my computer and look at the USB drive's image if it is carrying windows 7 or linux logo like below then you have created a bootable USB

if not,then try it out it may or may not work.

10>Now, this can be used as bootable device.

Note:- compared to bootable DVD it is better to boot and install  OS from bootable USB as it is quite fast.

Creating ISO file from DVD / CD

Download and install a software called as ImgBurn on your system.below is the link

1>  Launch the software and insert the the DVD / CD into its tray and wait for few seconds for the system and software to detect it

2> As shown in above pic click on the the encircled image you will get a window like below.

3>  In the "destination" option select the folder where you want your ISO file to be formed.Remember dont select C:\ drive .

Then click on the CD image highlighted in the above pic.You will get a window like below

4>  Tick the highlighted boxes and wait for the process to complete.Once the process has completed your computer will eject the CD tray.Then go to the folder which you had selected in the step 3.
 You will have your file there.Right click on it & go to properties and you will see its in ISO format

Note: I have used Linux setup,the same can be done using Wndows without any change in the process.

"click here" if you want to make your pen drive bootable  

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